Chantel Benetti Dermal Clinic


We offer several affordable, medically proven and results driven treatments for improving acne, skin rejuvenation, wound healing, scar reduction, removal of certain skin cancers, hair removal, non-surgical face lift, tattoo removal, pigmentation reduction and Black Diamond TM laser treatment.

Meoestetic Peels

Mesoestetic Peels

mesopeel® is the most advanced range of chemical peels designed for professionals requiring safe, effective, versatile, adaptable products for the purpose of providing an exponential, customised result. A range made of single-substance peels based on alpha and beta hydroxy acids at different concentrations and combined formulas that offer a synergism of chemical exfoliants with active ingredients aimed at specific skin indications.

Peel & Go
30 Minutes

R690 – R920

Lunch Time Eye Peel
15 Minutes

R320 – R420

Step-up Layered Peels
45 Minutes

R975 – R1250

Advanced Peels – Acnelan
30 – 45 Minutes

R975 – R1100

Advanced Peels – Melanoplus TCA
30 – 45 Minutes

R950 – R1690

Advanced Peels – Piruvex
30 – 45 Minutes

R660 – R1050



DELTA is an innovator in medical skincare solutions, delivering sophisticated products for use by physicians, plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

DELTA resolves the question of how to treat the skin by offering a patented coding system to diagnose and treat the skin.

LHA Peel
Lipohydroxy Acid




30/30 Peel


50/30 Peel