Chantel Benetti Dermal Clinic


We offer several affordable, medically proven and results driven treatments for improving acne, skin rejuvenation, wound healing, scar reduction, removal of certain skin cancers, hair removal, non-surgical face lift, tattoo removal, pigmentation reduction and Black Diamond TM laser treatment.

Will my own hair be removed before getting my brows done?

No, we don’t remove all the hair during the procedure. We would like you to not shape or tint your brows for a couple of weeks before your procedure so we can see your natural shape. We will however remove any hairs outside the shape of the brow on completion of the procedure.

What is the difference between Microblading and Pixel Ombre Brows?

Microblading is done with a hand-tool that cuts the skin to create hair like strokes. The tool is not a machine. Pixel Ombre Brows™ are done with a machine and a very small thin single needle that creates a soft, natural, longer lasting brow that is less invasive and better for your skin long-term.

How long will my Permanent makeup last?

This depends on many factors, health, medications, cellular turnover of the skin as well as technique that is used during the procedure. After your initial procedure, a 6 week touch up is done. Once the touch up is done your artist will discuss your unique follow up plan. Healthy individuals can expect their permanent makeup/micropigmentation too last years before they would need another touch up.

Why should I come for a 6 week touch up?

Even though you may think your permanent makeup looks beautiful after 1 procedure, it is always recommended to do your 6 week touch up to perfect the area we worked on. It will also make your permanent makeup last longer. We ultimately want to prolong the art from there on, recommending touch ups after the 6 week touch up not sooner than two years.

Should I come every year for a touch up?

No it is not necessary. A yearly touch up is only necessary when you see your Permanent makeup starts to fade, which can be years after the procedure. This all depends on your metabolism of your skin and how fast your skin breaks done the pigment of the permanent makeup in the skin. Certain medical conditions interfere with the longevity of the ink in your skin, your specialist will discuss this with you.

Is it painful?

We are a medical aesthetic clinic with a medical doctor onboard, we use strong prescription numbing. This will make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

What is the downtime?

There is no downtime with the techniques we offer. Our procedures are minimally invasive. There is only aftercare that will be explained before the treatment.

What to expect after permanent makeup?

There won’t be any scabbing or swelling after the procedure. There can we some flaking resembling minor dandruff (brow area only) a couple of days after the procedure as the permanent makeup heal.

To laser or to cover?

We would like to give you a natural, timeless look and not a look that is trendy. Permanent makeup should last your years and should age beautifully with you. But if you have had permanent makeup done before, we need to consider how it will look as we cover the previous technique. Sometimes when the older permanent makeup turns blue/purple we will need to remove the old permanent makeup before giving you new brows, liner or lips. The shape of the previous permanent makeup may be off and not suit your face shape. This is why we ask to send a photo to us before your procedure so we can determine what the best way forward is. This step is very important.

How should I maintain my Permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is LOW maintenance not NO maintenance. You should still remove unwanted hair. Tint light/grey hairs. Moisturise your lips regularly.

Is it a tattoo?

Yes, even though it fades slowly over time it will never be totally gone so therefore it is considered a tattoo. We do however implant pigment/ink just under your papillary layer (upper dermal layer) and not deep into the dermis. Deep dermal tattooing results in blue blurry healed results (not what we do) as per body tattoos

Is it safe?

We follow all guideline to make the procedure as safe possible. Your Artist is Blood Borne Pathogens Certified and works to the highest aseptic OSHA standards, making it a safe environment for both you and her.